Wrecked: Revenge Revisited
Developer: Supersonic Software
Publisher: 505 Games
Release Date: Out Now
Players/Online features: 1-4
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Wrecked: Revenge Revisited comes from Supersonic, the developers of the Mashed. and Supersonic Racers (AKA Dare Devil Derby in the US) franchises and is best described as ‘spiritual successor’ to them. If I was being less kind I’d describe it as ‘a slightly lacklustre hi-res re-envisioning of those games’. Veterans Supersonic Racers and Mashed will even notice that Wrecked even contains some updated track designs from the earlier games.

The controls are pretty standard fare; accelerate with the right trigger, brake with the left trigger, hold to reverse. Turns can be sharpened by using the hand brake (B) and you can shunt the car violently from left to right to using the right stick to change lanes suddenly or ram opponents.

The game’s camera seems less helpful than in previous games, and it swoops in and out and sways from one side of the vehicle to the other for no apparent reason, and can therefore be hugely disorientating. Sometimes, amazingly, it even points in a direction so you can’t even see the apex of an upcoming corner, or is so close to your car that you can’t see fast-approaching power ups! This is a problem that everyone who plays or even just watches the game comments on, so it must be bad. Presumably it’s designed to be this loose to keep the frame rate solid, and to give you the best view, but something seems to have gone badly wrong because there’s absolutely no reason for some of the camera’s wild swoops and zooms, unless the designers wanted to mess you up. I can tell you from playing the game for several hours that you will get used to the Wrecked camera, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it.

More irritating problems arose for me when using the ‘Super Turbo’ function though; these are picked up at regular checkpoints during a lap and are vital boosts, the wise use of which is the only way to win advanced races. To activate them you have to tap the brake button then tap the accelerator button twice in quick succession. Now for me tapping the brake button to initiate a ‘go faster’ action makes about as much sense as lying down on the floor first when I want to stand up from a sitting position. There's also a ‘Super Brake’ function that I didn’t really find any use for, mainly because that has you doing the reverse action; tapping ‘RT’ and then tapping ‘LT’ twice-in other words tapping the accelerator first when you want slow down! I'd love to have a chat with the geniuses who thought of this control system, but they probably have their own language or only speak in Klingon or something.

The solo game consists of a series of ‘speed’, ‘weapons’ and ‘skill’ challenges that unlock more as you complete them. Using the skills that you learned in the earlier challenges you can then enter the ‘Elite’ challenges that really test your driving skills to the limit. Sadly Wrecked has what can only be described as a silly, game-spoiling glitch in one of the Elite Challenges at Brockridge Mine; during races that don’t involve actual opponents you race against ghost cars that give you an on-track indication of what sort of time you’re achieving. The problem being that you can actually beat the gold, silver and bronze ghost cars and yet not reach the checkpoints in time to complete the race! (How is this possible, and how did a bug this daft get through game testing, and if the ghost cars don’t represent gold, silver and bronze times then why are they there???)

Successful racing earns you XP and that unlocks new cars/paintjobs etc, but as the camera is never that close to the cars and there’s no replay mode, fannying around making your car look pretty would seem to be a complete waste of time. Painting it a bright colour so it stands out when the camera zooms out isn’t a bad idea though.

Wrecked has an online and split screen mode for 1 to 4 players. In the multiplayer mode there's an elimination line that travels a set distance behind the leader, so if you get too far behind the leader your car will get destroyed-this works better online as offline the single-screen mode means you can’t stray far behind the leader at all and races can become fragmented stop-start affairs. When your three opponents have been eliminated you've won, points are awarded and a new round starts. In a three or four player online game if you're eliminated from the action you don't have to just sit around and wait, you can call in air strikes! There are several different types to use and they all consist of guiding a cross hair to target your chosen victim (probably the guy who knocked you out.) Why don’t more online games do this sort of thing?

If Revenge Revisited isn’t enough for you then there is DLC available in the form of the Wrecked: Highway to Hell pack that contains brand-new tracks, single player new power ups and a brand-new vehicle.

To sum up, while it’s a welcome update to an old favourite and enjoyable for a while I wasn’t overly impressed with Wrecked: Revenge Revisited or the way it plays, and while it’s fun to play online it’s unlikely you’ll play it more than a few times, and completing the solo game to gold level became a chore rather than a challenge.

Best Bits

- Colourful and fun.
- A nice selection of weapons.
Worst Bits

- Dizzying camera.
- Silly Super Turbo/Brake controls.
- Another racing game with no replay mode.
- Ghost glitch?

by: Diddly

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