Crossword Collection
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1, saves up to 4 profiles
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Nintendo presents: Crossword Collection is a compendium of word games for the DS, including crosswords, word searches and anagrams. There are short tutorials for each mode but I would imagine most people will be able to pick the DS up and play this game without needing instructions. You can select your preferred screen orientation, either left or right-handed and you can save up to 4 profiles, so each member of the family can enjoy their own successes – and your smart-arse kids won’t finish all your crosswords when you’re not looking!

The crosswords themselves have three difficulty settings; easy, medium and hard, with the harder ones having longer answers and bigger grids. You select the space on the grid you require using the touch screen and the relevant clue appears in the other screen. You then enter your answer, letter by letter, with the stylus and this is where the game really impresses. It’s obviously been programmed to recognise the letter if it is correct and so allows you to enter either capital or lower case letters and it doesn’t complain if your writing’s a bit untidy either.

In Word Search you use the stylus to pick out the hidden words and completed words are highlighted. As you progress, you unlock searches on the harder difficulty setting which use a grid that is larger than the screen, so you have to scroll sideways and up and down to find the words. This can be a bit tedious, but then so can ordinary word searches if the words you’re searching for are a bit obscure, so this shouldn’t really put you off.

In Anagrams, you need to make up words of 3, 4, 5 or 6 letters using the stylus to place the letters into a grid. Once you have found a word it appears on an alphabetical list on the unused screen, and this can be very useful if you’re struggling to find a missing word – using a process of elimination, at least you can work out what letter of the alphabet it begins with!

All the modes offer a save facility if you have to stop unexpectedly, so this little game is ideal for journeys or to pass the time in the dentist’s waiting room. And with over 1,000 crosswords and hundreds of other puzzles, it will keep even the most ardent wordsmith busy for ages.

Best Bits

- Easy to pick up and play
- Touch-screen letter recognition works superbly
- You can save your game mid way through if you have to stop
- Huge number of puzzles gives it a monstrous lifespan
Worst Bits

- A few ambiguous clues and obscure answers

by: Debba

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