My Pet Hotel 2
Developer: Eidos
Publisher: dtp
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1
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In My Pet Hotel 2 your task is to look after up to seven different types of pet in your very own Pet Hotel. Horses, dogs, rabbits, fish, cats, guinea pigs and birds are all entrusted to your care and you must do your best to feed them and take care of them, with the ultimate goal of becoming "Best Pet Hotel in the World"!

But all this TLC comes at a price, so you must be careful to balance the books, make sure you have enough good quality food for all your charges and try not to spend all your money on toys and luxuries!

To start, a client comes to your hotel and asks you to look after a pet for up to 8 days. The pet is put into a pen and itís up to you to feed it and attend to its needs for the duration of its stay. If you look after the pet successfully, the client will come back and reward you with money, which you can then spend on the expansion of your pet pens, better quality food and luxuries to keep your expanding collection of guests happy and contented.

You can buy food and goodies from the food merchant or make online purchases of toys and luxuries for your pampered guests on the computer in the Pet Hotel. If you neglect your pets and they get sick you can buy medicine at the store, but it is expensive and no substitute for loving care and attention.

The basic attention is given to the animals using the D-pad or the stylus. The pets need feeding, cleaning, exercise and company to keep them happy; stroke an animal by dragging the stylus in the direction of their coat, feed it by dragging the relevant treat from your food bag and each task you complete gets you a particular reward and moves you closer to your ultimate goal.

Once you can accept horses you can go on horse rides. Select one of the horses from the menu and exercise it around a circuit with various jumps, controlling the horse with the D-pad and jumping with the ĎAí button or the stylus.

Colourful and cute, My Pet Hotel 2 is really a glorified tamagotchi (remember them? - annoying little electronic beeping pets, that drove you crazy by pooping at the wrong time and dying regularly) and will appeal to all the little animal lovers out there who canít have a real horse, rabbit, dog or cat to cuddle.

Best Bits

- Cute animals, reasonable graphics
- Cuddly fluffy things will always have a certain aahhh appeal
- Exercising your fish is funny
Worst Bits

- Levels take too long to complete
- Not enough variation

by: Debba

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