Worms: Open Warfare
Developer: Team 17
Publisher: THQ
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1 or 2
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Worms – I’ll skip the obvious jokes and innuendo and jump into the review. There should be no gamer who has not experienced them on one platform or another – on PC, Amiga, console, mobile or PDA, these little fellas have appeared nearly everywhere.. After a brief dabble with advanced 3D effects the Worms are back to 2D with an outing on the DS.

To be honest it’s an obvious move – anyone who has played Worms on a PDS will know how well the game makes use of a touch screen, so the DS seems perfectly equipped. Worms is a simple game and, as my other half is a simple girl (in more ways than one), she seemed the ideal first tester for this.

Well, bottom line is, she liked it – she can sit watching Eastenders, or something else equally educational, and go at her own pace - this game is ideal for casual (first time?) gamers, never really too taxing, just fun and simple. Control is easy, with most functions being carried out on the touch screen with the stylus.

I managed to get a few games in too and enjoyed it – the game never promises too much and as such has less to let you down on. The graphics are back to the cute 2D form of the PC original and there are some lovely little audio effects in terms of the worm’s voices etc.

There are a few problems though – the weapons no longer feel as effective as they once did and the game lacks the explosive effects of many of the earlier titles. Two of the big problems can really affect your game. Firstly, your Worms seem to get stuck on troublesome terrain (this is made worse when you consider the aim of the game) Secondly the enemy never really play a clever game – they are often slow and indecisive and at times choose to do nothing rather than make an easy kill. The game also seems to “cheat” – your easy shots miss a target, whilst the enemy makes kills from what seems to be a nigh on impossible angles and distances.

For all its faults Worms is an enjoyable way to kill a few minutes or distract you on a train journey. Its biggest problem though is competition – with so many AAA puzzle titles out (or soon to be released) for the DS and with Worms being available for free in one form or another I have to question who would fork out full price for this.

Best Bits

- Simple fun
Worst Bits

- Occasionally terrible AI

by: dUnKle

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