SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALS: Confrontation
Developer: Slant Six
Publisher: SCEE
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 2-32 online only
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Socom Confrontation is the seriesí first outing to PS3. It is very similar to previous games, but this time focuses entirely on online play and the global community. Socom Confrontation is a Third Person Shooter with the typical over-the-shoulder view, but the controls are very different to any other other similar games I have played. The controls and the button mapping took a while to get used to but once they've become familiar I wondered why I ever had a problem to begin with.

The gameplay is the same as ever, going round the large maps shooting the other team in suppression or playing one of the six other game modes. The game has a ranked system where you can go up levels by playing ranked games but in my experience hardly anyone plays ranked games and there is much more fun to be had in the 16 Vs 16 unranked matches. Although the new maps are interesting at first, and undeniably well-designed the gameplay gets repetitive after a while so you may not play it for long periods of time. It is alright to play for a few hours but after that it seems very repetitive. Those of you looking for a fast-paced and addictive shooter will not find it here; there are not many kills to be made per match as it concentrates on tactical team work rather than all out shooter - a headset is an absolute must.

There is not a very wide variety of maps, 12 in total, and that's kind of misleading - there are really only 7 different maps, with 5 of them just having larger versions available. Though well thought-out the maps don't supply much variety; a lot seem very similar, set in dusty desert surroundings. The visuals are not what you would expect either, and they leave a lot to be desired. The locations are basic and some lack detailed surroundings, leaving the buildings looking like big blocks rather than well-modelled buildings.

The characters lack detail too, and their animation is rather basic and seem puppet-like. There is a character customisation option where you can change the guns, side arms and even the colour of the camouflage for your two characters, mercenary and commando. Even though you have this customisation it is a bit limited and could have been made better. You only have a choice of three kinds of torso and legs, and each is only a different type of armour.

The game can either be bought on disc or downloaded from the Playstation Store. The disc version of this game is the same as the download version in every way but there is one problem with the disc version. If you buy it donít expect to play it straight away as there is a 3Gb install to be done before you play the game. When the disc is in the PS3 there are two disc icons, one to play the game and one to install, this makes it easier to see that you have to install the game.

Overall the gameplay is much the same as ever, hardcore fans will love its simplicity and the thought that's gone into the map layouts, but those hoping for the poorly-realised vehicles of SOCOM 3 to get added to, their handling and weaponry sorted, finely tuned and balanced to make for more enjoyable gameplay will be disappointed, as they've been removed entirely. In keeping with this the levels are smaller but still large enough to cater for the 32 players. The visuals are rather disappointing too, with basic, detail-lacking locations and some less than convincing ragdoll effects. This really doesn't look advanced enough to be "SOCOM 4" - you won't be calling your Xbox 360 buddies over to wow them with the graphics and make them jealous with this game.

Best Bits

- Large, well-designed maps
- Customisable characters
Worst Bits

- Controls take getting used to
- No solo campaign
- Long install
- Samey maps
- Feels like a stopgap

by: coolalien

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