50 Cent Bulletproof: G-Unit Edition
Developer: High Voltage Games
Publisher: Vivendi Games
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1
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Seriously, a videogame about a ďmusicianĒ? Whilst slotting the UMD into my PSP, memories of the Sega Megadrive game, ďMoonwalkerĒ flashed into my mind. Like one of Michael Jacksonís songs, that game was really Bad, and considering the closest thing we have had since then are games based on movie licenses, itís fair to say that this game (which will be known as Fiddy from now on) isnít off to the greatest of starts. Itís all about the reputation, and 50 Cent knows all about that.

With that in mind, I was totally surprised to find that not only is this game not totally rubbish, and a worthless cash-in that ties in with 50 Centís movie, but that this is actually a pretty good game, that plays well, and is beautifully presented.

For those that donít know, 50 Cent is of course well known for his incredibly popular records, but the Bulletproof name comes from when he was shot multiple times in his younger days, yet survived - he has recently told his story in a movie that got released earlier this year. Iíll be honest, I am not 100% sure how accurate this game follows what really happened (but I am fairly certain itís very loosely based), but the story is about Fiddy finding the guy who tried to kill him, meeting various friends and foes along the way. There are even cameo appearances throughout such as Eminem as a dodgy copper, which I found quite amusing Ė heís even got the bleached blonde hair still.

Fiddy is an action game set in a 3D isometric perspective, and you run or sprint around mainly shooting bad guys, but you sometimes also have to find clues and information that will help you complete the current mission. Itís all very simple stuff, like finding a password, turning on security panels in the right order, or killing the enemy boss at the end of the mission. You shoot with ĎCrossí, lock-on to enemies with ĎRí, and switch weapons by holding ĎTriangleí. Gun, knife, and hand-to-hand combat are a simple affair, but itís done well and works, so why try to make it complicated huh? Itís nice to play a PSP action game that doesnít have a broken camera, or aiming system, or stupidly complex controls. There are often quite a few enemies on screen to deal with, and the game and aiming handles it well, allowing you to take enemies down quickly, switching targets if you need to, and you can then rob the enemies of ammo and money, with which you can buy armor, better weaponry, and even cheats if you have lots of cash.

Fiddy is a decent looking game; itís perhaps not pushing PSP as much as other games, but then it runs smoothly, doesnít have glitches, or splitting polygons everywhere. The games presentation is slick, with nice menus, quick loading, and an insane amount of music and music videos, all of course written and performed by 50 Cent, which is a massive bonus if youíre a fan of him. Fiddy is voiced well too, with of course the main man voicing himself, and as mentioned previously, Eminem features too. Other characters are acted well too, and every single one of them swears more than you thought was possible.

So to summarise, I enjoyed playing this game. I was pleasantly surprised to find that although Fiddy is pretty simple and unoriginal, and doesnít really change much throughout the adventure, it plays well. Itís something that can be picked up, understood and played with ease, which for a handheld game is perfect.

Best Bits

- Simple and enjoyable shooting action
- 50 Cent music
- Lots of music and videos to unlock
Worst Bits

- Game doesnít do anything new or original
- Arenít many gameplay changes throughout the game
- Co-op multiplayer would have been ace

by: DC

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