Buzz! Brain of the UK
Developer: Curve Studios
Publisher: SCEE
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1, 2-6 multiplayer
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Buzz is back on the PSP in his normal quiz form. Buzz! Brain of the UK - or one of its 21 regional variations depending where you are - takes you through a selection of all new quizzes. The game has both a single player mode and multiplayer, but no online mode.

The single player mode starts off with you choosing your character. The characters are very similar to other Buzz games, with them all being cartoon versions of famous people. Then you are shown a screen with 15 different challenge types, only three of which are available to begin with. To unlock the rest you have to get a least a bronze medal in all the available challenges.

The challenges in Solo quiz mode vary quite a lot. There are six different types of challenge out of the overall 15, which include a ‘Quickfire Round’, where you have to answer fifteen questions; a ‘Time Challenge’, where you have to answer as many questions as possible with a minute; a ‘Picture This’ challenge, where you have to guess the answer to ten questions using the pictures as clues; and perhaps the most challenging of all, the ‘Virus Challenge’, where you are faced with a scrambled picture and a question to match, as the picture unscrambles the virus will eat away at you score; ‘Top Rank Challenge’, where you have to rank the answer in a certain order; and ‘Snapshot Challenge’ where you have to guess the answer to the question and then if guessed correctly you choose a square on a box, whatever square you choose reveals part of a picture.

At the end of each round you are awarded a medal according to how many points you score, at least a bronze is required to advance. The game also includes 14 trophies for you to earn by doing various tasks. In terms of the questions, they are rarely repeated and if they are it will only be after a lot of rounds. I found that most of the questions are extremely difficult but there are some ridiculously easy ones such as one showing the Great Wall of China, and it asks who built this, the Italians, the Americans, the Japanese or the Chinese. Some of the questions are topical to the country the game is for, such as having questions about Britain for Brain of the UK.

The multiplayer has three different modes. Firstly there is ‘Pass Around’, which the name explains you pass the PSP around with each player getting asked a question before moving onto the other. There is also Quiz Mode where one player is the host and gets to choose the questions. The final mode is ‘Game Sharing’ which lets you go against someone else on their PSP.

Buzz Brain of the UK is another good Buzz game on the PSP. He game is well presented and offers plenty of challenges to keep you going. The added trophies mean you always have a reason to go back to it. The multiplayer modes are sufficient, if only lacking an online or game-to-game ad hoc mode. This is the game to get if you are looking for a quiz game on PSP or if you are looking for something to do while on long journeys or on the bus, as it can easily be picked up and doesn’t need to be played for a long time.

Best Bits

- Easy to pick up and play
- Plenty of Questions
- Multiplayer mode
Worst Bits

- The difficulty of the questions varies hugely
- Lack of an online multiplayer mode

by: coolalien

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