Hot Pixel
Developer: zSlide
Publisher: Atari
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1
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Have you ever played Warioware on a Nintendo system? You know, the games with hundreds of crazy mini games which last a couple of seconds before you move onto the next one? Well if you have played them, then you’ll be at home with Hot Pixel straight away as plays pretty much exactly the same. If you haven’t played the Warioware games, you should be ashamed of yourself and you should go punish yourself now. You fool.

Anyway, Hot Pixel like I said plays very similar to Warioware, so similar in fact that if it wasn’t for the urban art style and presentation it could be a Nintendo developed game. You choose a chapter to play through, and you complete a number of minigames before facing a boss. Complete a boss and its chapter complete. You get 3 lives per chapter, and you only get one shot at a minigame before moving onto the next one. The same games don’t always appear, so if you do fail a chapter you’ll generally not see the same game again which is great as it adds variety, but later can make the game that little bit more taxing as you cannot practice them individually until you have unlocked them.

Hot Pixel takes a rather different approach to presentation over the Nintendo games. Crazy FMV sequences with a weird guy who almost looks like the Mr. Muscle dude, lots of strange game names, and even weirder games. It actually reminded me of the madcap style of Amped 3 with its bizarre style.

The games themselves range widely, from simply moving dots around the screen evading other dots, balancing skateboarders over lava, calibrating and resizing a TV picture, completing computer circuits, racing cars around a track and making a dog jump up and catch a frisbee. Its pure genius, and it really plays beautifully. It’s also a very funny game, and will have you laughing out loud like an idiot and you won’t care either.

Hot Pixel is a complete and often outrageous copy of a brilliant Nintendo game, but so are most platformers and they normally end up failing miserably against the Japanese developers, but this is different. Hot Pixel is a superb game that is perfect for the PSP handheld. A chapter takes a couple of minutes to complete and then it saves out, loading is quick and snappy, and it’s very easy to get into and play.
This is a perfect game to play to get rid of the summer gaming blues that most of us are experiencing right now. Go get it!

Best Bits

- This is perfectly crafted gameplay…
- Superbly designed mini-games
- A great handheld title
Worst Bits

- Which they may have “borrowed” from Nintendo
- Hmmm… the Mr. Muscle man is a bit of a knob

by: DC

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