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Review - Virtua Tennis 4
Got a PSVITA? Here's proof that it's darned close to having a PS3 in your pocket...
Words By: SteMacD

Review - Cars 2
Disney-Pixar's mega-sequel gets the PSP treatment, and all is not well with Lightning & Co....
Words By: Masonic Dragicoot

Review - Patapon 3
Pata-pata-pon-pata-pon... and on and on...
Words By: coolalien

Review - Lord of Arcana
Our very own prince goes adventuring in the kingdom of Horodyn, and returns with lots of quest items and a mixed bag of comments.
Words By: Hario

Review - EyePet
Cute and adorable as ever. But enough about me, read this Porta-EyePet review.
Words By: Diddly

Review - The Lord Of The Rings: Aragornís Quest
Okay, so maybe this is the most violent yet simple thing we've ever played on the loo...?
Words By: Pedro

Review - God of War: Ghost of Sparta
Okay, so maybe this is the most violent thing we've ever played on the loo.
Words By: Pedro

Review - Jungle Party
Got 3 friends, feel like monkeying around and don't want to have to learn complex control systems?
Words By: Mike Honsole

Review - UFC Undisputed 2010
The most violent thing we've ever played on the loo?
Words By: Mal Function

Review - ModNation Racers
The most customizable kart racer ever?
Words By: coolalien

Review - Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days
Whether it's Disgaea, Datgaea or Deothergaea these classy games from Nippon Ichi always seem to go down well...
Words By: coolalien

Review - SOCOM: U.S Navy SEALs -
Fireteam Bravo 3
More of the same old SOCOM but this time there's a much-requested co-op campaign and voice comms. Sony listening to the unwashed masses? Surely not.
Words By: Sloppy Sneak