101 in I Sports Party Megamix
Developer: Nordcurrent
Publisher: Nordcurrent
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1-4
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Like me you probably look at the title of the game and think “101? Well they’re all going to be crap”! And sadly, for a large majority of the selection you’d be dead right. But before you pass onto the next review wait, because 101 does have certain merits—well hidden as they may be.

The game’s first merit is obvious, and that’s the huge (101 in fact!) number of games available, and unlike the DS game of a similar title this Wii version does at least supply a variety of game styles and varied visuals.

Unfortunately, because of graphics that are colourful but extremely basic even for the Wii, few of the 101 games do any sort of passable job of simulating the actual sports, and strangely for a Wii game neither do the controller actions required. Tennis, for instance, uses the Wiimote not to swing the racquet but to aim a cursor, while you simply press ‘A’ to hit a shot. Canoeing uses the typical Wii ‘two-handed waggle’ action to paddle the kayak, but the designers seem to have failed to grasp even the basics of canoeing as you paddle on the right side to turn right, and vice-versa (which is obviously the opposite of what you really do and extremely counter-intuitive). The canoe race is also staged in a river where you paddle upstream, and your canoe bounces off the opposing boats like they’re made out of rubber—not very realistic, and not much fun to play. Golf is even weirder as you don’t swing the Wiimote at all but you must simply ‘jab’ it towards the screen as a cursor shrinks in size to hit a perfect shot—which will always result in a hole in one! Tiger Woods eat yer heart out... It may seem churlish to complain about realism and suchlike in a budget title with 101 games, but if the controls don’t make any sense, then what are you supposed to say?

Now, because a) for some reason we actually care, and b) not even the developer themselves could be arsed to list all 101 games and c) we couldn’t find a full list of the games included anywhere else, here it is in all its wittily-titled glory with a brief description if the title is ambiguous in any way; Archery Anarchy, Sandy Haste (top-down quad bike racing), Critical Climbing, Kendo Klash, Sack Scramble (sack race). Skeet Shooters, Dizzy Discus. Kickboxing Training, Horse Hassle, Sumo Suit Showdown. Pendulum Axe Throw, Joust About Enough, Tacky Tackler (US Football), Parkour Tour, Great Gorodki (Russian stick throwing game), Fantastic Fetching, Swamp Skirmish (airboat racing), Stumped Stunter (BMX), Demented Fundamentals (basketball), Soccer Juggle, Spinning Fate, Bowling, Race To The Fish, Dignified Dressage, Juggling Jianzi (shuttlecock juggling), Kayak Channeler, Heavyweight Lifting, Hoodlum Hockey (air hockey), Jammin’ Judo, Sneaky Snipers, Slingshot Attack!, Tennis Takedown, Handaxe Hurling, Brainy Basketball (YAY! another basketball game!), Sensational Soccer, Sonic Skiing, Quick Shooter, Radical Rally, Watercraft Race, Wingsuit Whirl, Ping-Pong Power, Boastful Boxing, Just Jousting, Javelin Jam, Mechanical Bull Mayhem, Rope Jump Rumble, Balloon Barons, Can Shooting Deluxe, Power Puck, Polo Practice, Tro Ro Roleo (Log Rolling), Shephard Hurdles, Batting Battle, Arm Wrasslin’, Goofy Golf, Horshoe Hurling, Hurdles Hurry, Daring Darts, Shuriken Shuffle, Best of Bocce, Air Chicken (base jumping), Grand Gliding, Acrobatic Action (biplane obstacle course), Formula Frenzy, Volatile Volleyball, Daunting Vaulting, Trampoline Tumbling, Levitating Long Jump, Submarine Race, Swimming Splash, Dangerous Dodgeball, Delta Dodge (hanglider race), Caddly Clash (golf kart racing), Swell Surfing, Pole King (lumberjack-style pole climbing), Turbo Caber Toss, Super Single Sled, Scattered Skating, Motorized Antics, Balance, Fancy Fencing, Muddy Tog–O-War, Suspended Gauntlet, Karate Whack, Triple Jump Trial, Log Splitting, Ultimate Staring Contest, Water Skiing, Knife Knack, Traction Kiting, Shot Put, Speed Skating, Paintball Battleground, Swamp Jump, Freestyle Unicycling, Street Luge, Iaido Cuts (sword-slashing action), Yo-Yo Sway, Treasure Hunting, Free Diving, Cliff Leaping.

The games use a wide variety of control methods, some work better than others, some are more responsive than others and some games look better than others. Importantly they all work, and there’s a multiplayer option so you can drag three friends along to share the fun. However, as with the DS version some of the instructions regarding the controls are a bit misleading (‘turning’ the Wiimote sometimes means ‘twisting’ etc.) but the games are so simple that you’ll probably figure them out without too much trouble. The games also seem to vary massively in difficulty; some you will pass easily first try, others will need many attempts to complete, either because of control issues or overpowered AI opponents-and that is if you actually think the games are worth re-playing of course, and I fear that many of them will be played once and never tried again.

With its huge number of games to plod your way through 101 in I Sports Party Megamix could keep you occupied for days or even weeks, and might even have been been suitable for kiddies if it weren’t for some of the games’ over-demanding control methods. Don’t go expecting a game with the addictive visual and gameplay qualities of games like Wii Sports or Sports Resort, because unless quantity over quality is a selling point for you you’ll be disappointed.

Best Bits

- 101 games to play!
Worst Bits

- Most of them are rubbish!
- Poor graphics
- Simplistic gameplay.

by: 'Big Tony' Bolognese

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