Max Payne
Developer: MOBIUS Entertainment
Publisher: Rockstar
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1
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Max Payne Advance sees you in another story in the continuing Max Payne series. The game starts with some rather smart still-photo driven cut scenes and spoken dialogue, explaining the story behind the game. You are then thrown into the game, which starts on a subway station in New York City.


The game is viewed from an isometric view with 2d sprites, which works well on the Gameboy Advance. It plays quite similarly to Max Payne on PC, and you even have bullet-time mode which is activated by pressing the ‘R’ shoulder button. You go from room to room, taking out bad guys, picking up new weapons (which there are a lot of), and meeting new characters to push the story along.


This is a graphically impressive GBA game, with clear, crisp sprites, and nicely detailed levels. The sound is good, with decent samples and clear speech during the cut scenes in the game. If you’re into the Max Payne and own a GBA, You’ll love this version of the game. Definitely an essential bathroom time killer (or possibly for whilst on the way to, or at work). Recommended.

Best Bits

- Good, fun gameplay.
- Great selection of weapons.
- Isometric view works well.

Worst Bits

- Doesn’t really offer anything new.

by: DC

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