Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1
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The Gamecube needed a Mario game for its launch line up, and although he does make a brief appearance, this game is all about Luigi, and how much he sucks.


Luigi's equipped with a suped-up vacuum cleaner, cleverly named the Poltergust 3000 (hence the 'sucks'), and a variety of other gadgets he receives after talking to a strange little man he finds at the beginning of the game. You guide him around this 'pseudo 3D' mansion collecting ghosts, occasionally coming across tougher versions of these called Portrait Ghosts. Each of these require different techniques in order to catch them - for instance, there are some that will only approach you if you're looking away, and others which you need to freeze for them to become vulnerable to you, each has a different weak point, which you'll have to discover as you meet them. Once you have caught these, Luigi's new buddy, Professor E. Gadd, will pass them through a wacky machine which'll lock them in a portrait to keep 'em out of your way.


Once you've cleared a room of its Portrait Ghost, you use another of the gadgets the professor gives you, the Gameboy Horror, to search the room for Boos. Mario fans will know the trouble they've caused him & Luigi in the past, and you'll be glad to know they don't hide too well, Luigi will usually find them hiding in cupboards or in drawers, and he has to vacuum them all to complete the game.

Luigi's game doesn't stand up to well to previous Mario Bros. games in terms of lifespan, and by the time its starts getting challenging you find him in a comical final battle against Bowser. Finding and vacuuming all the Boos in the game does make for a fun (and optional) distraction, but there isn't much to keep you playing.