Axis & Allies
Developer: Timegate Studios
Publisher: Atari
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1
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Another month and another WW2 game, the creative juices just aren’t what they used to be…

Axis & Allies is a World War 2 RTS game where you play as either the allies (America and UK), or Germany or Russia. The main part of the game is the campaign mode where you choose one of the aforementioned sides and command your troops through various famous (and not so famous) missions. A&A is a resource management (Command & Conquer) style of RTS, letting you build up resources and build your army up during your campaign. While you don’t ‘collect’ resource materials like some RTS you get given more for building supply stations, one for ammo, oil and supplies. All your building is done from your Command HQ where you can purchase the other buildings that come on trucks that you then unpack in the location you desire. There are a fair few different buildings for the different services e.g. infantry barracks, tank depot, airfield and artillery. If you haven’t guessed all of these buildings can produce units, the usual WWII array of units is available like tanks, troops (normal, flamethrower, mortar) planes and half-tracks.

Now that we’ve sorted out our base and created some units let's take them into combat. This brings me to one annoying feature. When fighting, if your units are near death they just retreat, which may seem like a good idea but that just allows your enemies to run back to their base, heal up then come back. Other than that the combat is pretty much what you expect where some units are best against certain other enemy units. A few neat features then; sometimes you’ll start a mission when you don’t have an HQ, instead you’ll start with a battleship and you can send units in on landing craft ala Normandy. There are also special ‘powers’ that you are granted for gaining experience in the battle, powers like carpet bombing, quick re-supply etc. Thankfully there’s a handy tutorial that walks you through all of these features. The game also features a skirmish and online modes which lets you choose any army and any map to wage war on.

Graphically the game is good for an RTS but looks pretty normal when compared alongside other recent PC titles. All the individual units are well animated and look nice. The maps are full of objects like trees and buildings. This’ll easily run on the minimum specs of 1.5 GHz, 256mb RAM and a 64mb graphics card, anything higher and you’ll be laughin’.

A&A features some nice music pretty much what you’d find in every WWII game. Voices are a tad annoying with the stereotypical ‘tally ho’ and ‘gung ho’ English and American sayings.

Overall Axis & Allies is an okay looking, okay playing, and okay sounding game. Nothing really stands out or pulls you into the game. I’d say look else where for your RTS thrills unless you’re really into your King Tigers and Panzers.

Best Bits

- A different style of resource management.
Worst Bits

- But it doesn’t really do anything different to distinguish itself from the crowd.

by: SteMacD

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