Legacy of Kain: Defiance
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Publisher: MAD
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1
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Some days I am still surprised that I was asked to write reviews (and I guess if the Boss reads that statement he’ll nod sadly and wonder why he asked me too) as most games that seem to get all the praise and labelled must-haves are lost on me. Whilst I own all 3 of the current consoles with the exception of a handful of titles most “console games” leave me cold. As people rave about GT4, MGS or any other game that is easier to type using its initials I have probably loved it for half an hour then got bored and returned to Football Manager or Rome.

Every time I wonder what is wrong with me – why am I more comfortable sat in front of my PC using a mouse and keyboard than on the sofa, joypad in hand playing on a 42” screen and full 5.1 sound. The answer is probably because I am “Weird”.

So Legacy of Kain should be a perfect compromise for me – a console game on the PC. A game that started life on the PSOne but this time you “play as Vampire Kain and his archrival, the soul-devouring Raziel” (that is taken from the back of the box but for a minute it made me sound as if I knew what I was talking about).

The back of the box goes on to give hints of what I am to expect. How I will “experience both characters fearsome battle skills” also I will experience “Advanced AI and amazing combo moves” it also says that I will be able to “increase the power of the weapon with new enhancements”… I know just typing quotes from the back of the box is lazy, but it’s my way of padding out the review, okay? Otherwise, the central part of the review could be summed up with …

So you run around beating things up using fists, weapons and the Vamps favourite, sharp teeth. Its all done with style though – those promised combos are there and even I was able to pull them off to make some rather impressive looking attacks all thanks to a very good control system which soon makes everything feel second nature.

The graphics also look good – the levels are all rather dark, but everything looks crisp and clear and the glow from your weapons and other characters really looks nice and sets the atmosphere of the game really well.

All that said though, I personally do not really like the game – I found that it became very repetitive, a story fitted around a scrolling beat ‘em up. Legacy of Kain is everything that makes me fork out £40 on the latest must-have title only for it to go back in the box after a few days. However if there’s anyone who likes console games, but now only has a PC (there must be others apart from just me) this will really float their boat. A no-nonsense action/adventure with plenty of claret!

Best Bits

- It is a console game on the PC
- Looks nice
- Cheap
Worst Bits

- It is a console game on the PC
- Repetitive gameplay

by: dUnKle

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