Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Team Sabre

Black Hawk Down Team Sabre
Developer: Ritual Entertainment
Publisher: Novalogic
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1 (up to 50 Online or via LAN)
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The excellent Black Hawk Down (see our review here) gets a deserved expansion pack.


As you expect from an expansion pack everything from the graphics to the controls stay the same as the original. So what are we getting when buy Team Sabre? Well you get 11 single player missions split into 2 campaigns. The campaigns take place in Columbia and Iran. The Columbia missions feature objectives like raids on drug camps and rescuing hostages. In Iran you'll be able to play as SAS soldiers instead of the usual Delta guys, with objectives like Oil Field takeovers and assaults on oil platforms. So basically the single player experience is just more of the same, and there's not much wrong with that (and you do get to ride along in inflatable assault boats as a mission insertion vehicle this time). A few new weapons enter the fight, those are the PSG-1 sniper rifle, G3A3 and the G36E but I found myself sticking with the M4A1. The 40 multiplayer maps really add to the value, giving you hours of fun online via Novalogic's Novaworld servers. Personally I enjoyed the multiplayer much more than the single player campaign.


Overall Team Sabre is your typical expansion pack affair bringing more missions, weapons and maps to add to the longevity of BHD. If you play BHD online the 40 new maps make it an essential purchase but I'm not to sure about the single player by itself. Team Sabre is a good solid add-on, but it isn't quite as awesome as we were hoping it would be.

Good Points

- Continues the great action from BHD.

Bad Points

- The solo game is a tad short.
- Not enough new weapons.

by: SteMacD