Singles: Flirt Up Your Life
Developer: Rotobee
Publisher: Deep Silver
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1
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Hey, it's like The Sims, with boobies? Can't fail……… Can it?

Whether you liked The Sims or hated it, you can't deny the fact that it was a bestseller worldwide. So it was just a matter of time before a Sims clone surfaced and here it is with Singles. Singles plays almost identically to The Sims, so if you've played it you'll feel right at home. You start by selecting 2 roommates, 1 male and 1 female. You start with enough funds to create a trendy apartment - naturally there's not a lot of choice at first. But you can buy everything from coffee tables to light fittings and create a very trendy pad. Instead of the isometric view of The Sims, Singles takes the genre into full 3D. You can pan the camera around, zoom in and position all your stuff where you want it. Most controls are done via the mouse and clicking the on-screen icons, but you can also use keyboard hotkeys.


The goal of the game is to get your two singles to love each other, you can do this by making them talk, flirt, joke etc. Once they "like" each other enough you can do the raunchier stuff like snogging (in and out of bed) and walking around naked. And when I say 'naked' I don't mean with blacked out or blurred censor boxes around the singles' … um… private parts, I mean you see it all, which is Single's main identifying feature, although to be honest, it's little more than a gimmick. While we're on the point of nudity I'd just like say that it is an 18 rated game. With 16 or more different characters to choose from and customise, their varying personalities and careers have a constant effect on their everyday needs, their favourite activities and the kind of relationship they prefer (if you know what I mean). So you can throw together the femme fatal with a best friend, or a charmer with the cute librarian, and see how things develop. It's a lot like having your very own interactive 'BIG BROTHER', only maybe not quite as sad.


The graphics are pretty good. They get the job done and feature some good things. The character models have 30,000 polygons, which give them realistic curves and faces. It also features realistic facial expressions. I said earlier that it was full 3D so you can pan around and zoom in with no loss of detail, but there was some slow down on my Athlon 2500+. The game features corny music and the Singles voices are a similar random unintelligible babble as The Sims.


Overall Singles comes across as an average attempt at attracting fans from The Sims with nudity as its hook. But in order to truly succeed it'll have to do a lot more than to chuck a few nude birds and blokes in it. There simply isn't enough customisation or things for your singles to do. Unless you're desperate for this sort of thing I'd wait for The Sims 2.

Good Points

- Fuel your Sims addiction.
- Boobies! (and other bits).

Bad Points

- Gets boring quickly.
- Because there's not enough to do.

by: SteMacD