Lego Star Wars II : The Original Trilogy
Developer: Travellers Tales
Publisher: LucasArts
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1 or 2 co-op play
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Boy oh boy was I popular at home went this little gem dropped through the letterbox! My three sons have been avid fans of the first instalment of Lego Star Wars on the PS2 so they were all itching to play this.

Although the first game WAS a very good and playable game I was a bit non-plussed by it because it was based upon the more recent films that I have never been that passionate about.

However this time the game is based upon the 3 original movies of my youth. Itís a killer combo, videogames, nostalgic movies and Lego - retro heaven!

Only having the occasional opportunity to prize the dualshocks from my kidís hands for them to attend school and sleep I felt that they were more qualified to conduct the review than myself. Therefore after a few leading questions to them here are the results.

I now present the review team :-

Tiny Tel 1 Ė Aged 5 ĺ ? important that
Tiny Tel 2 Ė Aged 8
Tiny Tel 3 Ė Aged 10
Big Tel Ė Old enough to remember the movies at the cinema

What do you think of the graphics?
TT1: So so good.
TT2: They are excellent!
TT3: The graphics are much improved compared to Lego Star Wars one.
BT : I have to agree the graphics are lovely. Nice shiny floors in the corridors reflecting the action. Nothing that really stretches the PS2 though.

What do you think of the sound?
TT1: Good music.
TT2: Thereís better music.
TT3: The sound is better as some of them are actually from the film.
BT: Yup, all those memorable sounds are in there for doors, weapons, rousing orchestral sections. They kinda wimped out on the dialogue (maybe made the multi-lingual release easier) by getting the characters the mumble in a sort of rhubarb-rhubarb way to signify they are talking about something.

What do you think of the controls?
TT1: Easy to use.
TT2: More easy to use than Lego Star Wars one.
TT3: The controls are easy to learn so itís not hard.
BT: Easy to pick up and play. No need to refer to the manual. Very well implemented co-operative play that encourages team work rather than rushing off and nicking all the bonuses. (Plus one player can drop out if really stuck and let the CPU take over temporarily)

What do you think of the story?
TT1: Itís a better story.
TT2: Good because they are long so you get more time.
TT3: The story is much better as it has more ship levels in.
BT: Of course itís a better story. The originals are better films! Itís got all the memorable bits in there too. Stuck in the junk crusher, blowing up the death star, Luke losing is hand etc.

Why is Lego Star Wars 2 better then Lego Star Wars 1?
TT1: Because itís got more graphics.
TT2: You can make your own characters and use the force on each other.
TT3: Itís better as there are more things to do and the levels are longer.
BT: Ditto.

What is not so good about it?
TT1: Nothing!
TT2: Nothing!!!
TT3: The way that if one person is trying to do one thing the other person has to hang around near them or it doesnít work.
BT: Ok ok! Itís not THAT good. Time for a more jaded cynical view of the game. During playing we did experience a few levels where we simply got stuck and could not progress. There was nowhere further to go and we had pulled and tweaked all the levers etc possible. When playing the SAME level again later and doing the SAME times for some reason we were able to progress. Not sure if it is just limited to our review copy or also in the final game.

How could it be better?
TT1: Make it have 99 levels.
TT2: More bonuses
TT3: It could be better if more extras were available and more bonus levels.
BT: Maths is not really TT1ís strong point as he is only 5, but the game does actually have 99 levels already.

What is the BEST thing about the game?
TT1: Funny bits!
TT2: The funny videos.
TT3: The way that it has funny jokes in.
BT: The pure nostalgia factor you get when being reminded of classic scenes from the movies. Also there are some nice funny touches like disturbing storm troopers in the bath.

Best Bits

- Classic Scenes / Funny Scenes
- Character builder
- Co-op gameplay
Worst Bits

- Occasional issues with getting stuck on levels
- Some of the levels are quite long for young kids to play

by: Telecoda

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