Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence
Developer: Kojima Productions
Publisher: Konami
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1 offline, 2-8 online
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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater came out in 2005 and as always with MGS games came with a lot of hype and anticipation. In my opinion it lived up to the hype and was a great game. Now itís making a come back in Ďtheí definitive version of MGS3.

Subsistence comes in 3 parts;

Disc 1: Subsistence is the game that was released in 2005; ĎSnake Eaterí but with one big difference. Changing from the somewhat restrictive fixed cameras of the original release is the all new ĎThird Person Cameraí (that will be used in MGS4) which makes the game seem new and fresh and makes you wonder how you ever played it using the old camera system. The old fixed camera is still available and can be changed back and forward with one click of the right analog stick. For those of you who donít know MGS3 is set in the 1960s and has Snake sneaking through jungles to save a soviet scientist who wants to defect to the United States. Check out our review of the original MGS3 for all the details because apart from the new camera itís the same game (it makes it that little bit better though). Subsistence doesnít detect original MGS3 saves so youíll have to start a new game which is great to experience the epic that is MGS3 all over again (if you played it originally that is).

Disc 2: Persistence features the MSX original Metal Gear games 1&2 and are pixel perfect ports for that retro Metal Gear experience. But the real content of disc 2 is the all new Online mode. Yes MGS online with 7 other people - and itís just as good as we imagined. There are 5 modes of play on offer: Sneaking, Capture, Rescue, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. All of the game modes have fully customisable options and settings allowing you to play how you wanna play. Sneaking mode is my personal favourite and involves one player as Snake against the other players and he has to steal microfilm and return it to a certain point. It may sound impossible against 7 players but Snake has his camouflage and stealth camouflage to help him sneak up on unsuspecting guards. You can do all the moves that Snake can in the single player. So you can press against walls, crawl, dive roll, hold opponents and even hide in cardboard boxes. Players choose which weapons theyíre equipped with before they Ďspawní while other more special weapons are dotted around the maps like the flamethrower. There are plenty of levels on offer, some lifted from the single player while there are some original maps too (one excellent one with city streets). Connection to the lobbies and games is really easy and I havenít experienced any lag at all. I just hope people play this because itís really, really good. Voice chat is included as well as a keyboard with handy shortcuts to type messages to other players.

Disc 3: Existence contains all of the in game cut scenes (some reshot and remixed) all joined together with gameplay to create a 3Ĺ hour Ďmovieí of MSG3 so you can enjoy the MGS3 story without having to play through the whole game, and makes for some good viewing for die hard MGS fans. The disc also contains the TGS 2005 MGS4 trailer so you can have a glimpse of the future of the series on PS3.

The game looks fantastic even by todayís standards and is probably the best looking PS2 game there is. Brilliant animations and high detailed characters make the action packed cut scenes a joy to watch.

Iíve always loved the sound of MGS games, brilliant music; voice acting and jungle sounds make you feel as if youíre crawling through the grasses of a jungle. The soundtrack for the online modes is great too allowing you to play with music from past Metal Gear games, even the MSX games.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence is the ultimate MGS experience so far and is definitely worth a repurchase if you have an online enabled PS2. I completed it when it was originally released and Iím still playing this release. Bring on MGS4 I say. And if you havenít played MGS3 yet, then buy this now.

Best Bits

- The best PS2 online game Iíve played
- Great new camera makes for a fresh experience
- Another chance to play one of the best PS2 games ever
- Lots for die hard MGS fans
Worst Bits

- If you havenít got online itís pretty much the same game as the original release.

by: SteMacD

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