Medal of Honor: Frontline

Medal of Honor: Frontline
Developer: Electronic Arts LA
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date: Out Now
Players: 1
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War games are always popular, mainly due to the fact that its human nature to want to see what happens in those sort of situations, but partly because the original Medal of Honour convinced people they could actually be good. The 2 PSOne instalments and the PC's 'Allied Assault' sold by the bucket load, and the announcement of the inevitable PS2 version was very popular in the console industry, people literally couldn't wait to get their hands on the game.


Atmosphere was one of MOH's strong points, the feeling of actually being in a war was replicated perfectly, and the mixture of frantic shouts and ricocheting bullets was done so well that you'd find yourself ducking and dodging as if you were really there. There's always a lot happening on-screen in Frontline, and the frame rate stays pretty constant throughout, but the animation on your allies and enemies is laughable at times, they all move the same and they all look like each other. The AI is disappointing aswell, your allies will frequently get stuck in places and you'll just have to leave them, and your enemies will often totally ignore you until you shoot them in the foot - compared to the diving, rolling, crouching and shielding of the Covenant in Halo, MOH's Nazis are kittens.

The graphics were never that great, even for the PSOne, and this trait returns in MOH: Frontline, but they do the job and if you learn to ignore the glitches and warping there are some nice details and textures that add to the feeling of realism. Everything in the game is very faithful to war accounts - all the uniforms, vehicles and guns are well realised and look right, and many of the locations you find yourself in are instantly recognisable from films such as Saving Private Ryan.


MOH: FL is quite a short game, especially for veterans of the FPS genre, and the lack of a multiplayer mode shortens the lifespan considerably, but the challenge of winning medals and unlocking cheats will keep persistent gamers occupied for a long time.

Frontline is the best FPS out on the PS2, without a doubt, the sound is faultless and the atmosphere EA managed to create is excellent, but comparing it to say, Halo, would see Frontline get K.O'd in the first round.