Cat Pipes


A puzzling mixture of cats and pipes...


Stepping away from questions about the weird Cat Pipes title and concept, and the preposterous connection with the pipe-laying game genre, I'll get to the point. Cat Pipes is a game based on connectivity–joining a series of pipes so all the cats are connected. 

I have no idea why you'd connect cats with pipes or what's in the pipe. Connecting cats with wool would have made more sense, or if you don't like cats–a pipeline full of water or maybe a live electrical cable... But anyway, it's a variation on a very old theme (I'm thinking of the classic Pipemania) and the idea has been used a hundred times as a sub-game in RPGs and puzzle-based adventures. 

Cat Pipes gameplay is simple, you select the desired tile with the D-pad and rotate it to join the pipes up by tapping the 'A' button. The levels get progressively more complex, but the simple concept is only complicated by having special pipes that mean the pipeline supply can jump gaps.

Despite having a healthy 45 levels all the achievements are dished out by the time you complete level 29, which is weird. For achievement/trophy hunters out there, this means Cat Pipes is quite an easy game to finish.

Cat Pipes is a simple but addictive and enjoyable game without fancy presentation, and a realistic price point of £4.19.

Thanks to Afil Games, Tribus Games and PressEngine.