Hell Pie


Platform adventures don't come much better, or harder, or more disgusting.


Viewer discretion is advised by the developer with Hell Pie, it's not for kids and I'm not sure I'd want my mother or grandma to see it either.

In Hell Pie, you control a little demon named Nate, the 'Demon of Bad Taste'. Your boss Satan sets you the task of gathering the ingredients for his infamous birthday pie–Hell Pie–and you really don't want to disappoint old Satan, or as evidenced early on, he'll melt your face off–or worse.   

Fortunately Nate does not have to take on this almighty task solo and a companion in the form of a baby angel joins him. Chained to Nate, Nugget the chubby cherub is invaluable as he flies and can be used to swing to previously inaccessible areas, or twirled like a weapon to easily dispatch most of the enemies you come across.

Most of Nate & Nugget's abilities can be enhanced via a RPG-style skills tree, but you need to collect cans of disgusting looking dog meat in order to buy them. These are usually hidden or in areas that are difficult to reach. Enhanced abilities include things like extra jumps and swings, which allow you to get around the maps in spectacular fashion and access places you thought were impossible to reach because of distance or height. 

There's nothing strange about a whale carcass being on top of a mountain in Hell Pie.

In possibly the most distasteful moment in the game Nate can also sacrifice cute little goat's horns to gain extra sets of horns for himself which give him extra abilities like the ability to ram and break tough objects, enemies or barriers, or sprint indefinitely, so you're definitely going to be doing some demonic sacrificing!

Nate holding a cute goat. You do not want to know what happens next...

There's a sizeable world map and each level has themed mini-levels in which you'll find pie ingredients, including a sewer full of nazi poos and the interior of a whale! The ingredients are just as disgusting as the locations suggest. 

The jungle level looks deceptively pleasant...

The levels are large, and I mean really BIG, complex and full of things to find and collect. It's a good thing that you can click the R3 button and have a look around in first person–well, 'first demon.' Finding everything on a level–even finding the exits to the mini levels within a level–will require a great deal of exploration. This is made easier by unlockable teleports scattered around each level, and more difficult by a map that's about as much use as... tits on a tortoise.

The club level has various DJs playing different bangin' disco tunes!

The locations vary and use just about every platform adventure trope you can think of, while maintaining a good deal of originality. From a human slaughterhouse to a skit from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life movie, to a replica of Scarface's mansion and that scene—you never really know what's coming next. They will get you thinking about the best route forward and also test your skills and reactions to the limit–Hell Pie is no "doddle" and not a kids game for more than one reason. It has one of the toughest sections of platforming I've come across in years–maybe ever.

Probably the toughest platform section I've played in years, a steep climb using rotating platforms and laser beams to mess you up!

Given what a bunch of woke, snowflake, virtue-signalling moaners much of the population seems to have become, a game like Hell Pie is like a breath of fresh air (badly misusing a metaphor there.) It pushes the boundaries of taste, has a mixture of adult and juvenile humour and I really enjoyed it. Regardless of the poor taste and deliberately gory, violent parts, Hell Pie is a darned good platform adventure, and barring a few of the genre-typical camera hitches and occasional frame rate issues it plays really well. I always think the two main tests of a good platform adventure are "do you immediately want to play a section again/have another go?" and "did it feel like you failed because it was your fault?" If the answer to both is 'yes' then you have a winner, and that's what Hell Pie is.

Thanks to: Sluggerfly, Headup Games, Thunderful and Plan of Attack