Lawnmowing Simulator: Ancient Britain DLC


So You Want Some Mo' Grass To Mow Do Ya?


In the last couple of months one of our favourite games of the year, Lawnmowing Simulator, has received a couple of new mowers and much-requested strimmers/grass trimmers as free downloads. Now the first pack of new locations have arrived, and as expected they’re premium DLC, but are they worth it?

Aerial view of a pub garden Lawnmowing Simulator: Ancient Britain DLC

Well the asking price is a reasonable £6.99 or £6.29 with Game Pass, so the answer is probably 'yes'. But as interesting as they are and as much as the game needed them, I'm really not sure about this DLC. Available only in Free Mow and Challenge Mode at the mow-ment, there are four new areas to ermm… mow; The Ancient Auroch (a pub garden) and historic land at Aurochs Hill, Druid Tor and The Royal Stones.

Aerial view of a cow carved into the hillside. Lawnmowing Simulator: Ancient Britain DLC

So what do we get? A strange mixture of yet another garden and some ancient relics, these four sites are quite large and complex. As you'd expect the new grass is fun to mow and adds a good deal of interest to a game that frankly, we'd played to death and back.  

Druid Tor ancient stones. Lawnmowing Simulator: Ancient Britain DLC

It’s not all sunshine, pub beer gardens and standing stones though. We did have some trouble with mowers reacting strangely to the prehistoric chalk cattle “ground art” at Aurochs Hill. The bare ground that the massive cow is drawn with is lower than the grass and mowers really don’t like the sloping grass down into what is basically a shallow ditch, and tend to wibble-wobble and ‘spazz’ out. I guess the mowers were better designed in the Bronze Age? Stone Age? Fred Flintstone’s days? Either that or they used weed wackers near edges more than I care to…

Royal stones ancient monument. Lawnmowing Simulator: Ancient Britain DLC

I’m not sure why they're not immediately available as contracts in the career mode but presumably they will be at some point, otherwise this DLC really is only for Lawnmowing Simulator addicts desperate for something new to mow. 

Special thanks to Curve Games, Skyhook Games & PressEngine for the review code.