Lego Bricktales: Easter Egg Hunt FREE DLC


Nowadays free DLC is always a good thing, especially when it's got bunnies in it!


A bit of a favourite puzzle adventure of ours when we reviewed it on Xbox last year, Lego Bricktales has been given an Easter Egg reboot. The new (and free) Easter World diorama features several new puzzles and builds. The new map has 8 hidden Easter eggs and there are 12 more scattered around the original Bricktales maps to find. You can also buy a new bunny or chicken outfit so you umm... don't feel out of place.

"Bop" is the first Easter bunny you come across.

In order to start the hunt you're going to have to have completed the first Jungle world, and to complete it you'll also have to obtain the various abilities gained in the original worlds, like stomp, materialize, teleport, hover board, and water hose, to be able to make hidden objects materialize. Familiarity helped a little but Bricktales was as much of a challenge on the Switch as it was on Xbox, and it looks just as good too.

Finding all the eggs is no easy task!
Finding all the eggs is no easy task!

With several new structures to build and some cunningly hidden eggs, this is a real bonus for fans of the game, and might even tempt you back if you didn't finish Bricktales the first time around. Good job, and Happy Easter to Clockstone and Thunderful!

Thanks to Clockstone, Thunderful Games and Plan Of Attack for the review code.