Mimi the Cat: Mimi's Scratcher


Push blocks, jump gaps, help Mimi get to her scratcher!


Mimi the Cat: Mimi's Scratcher is a Sokoban-like push-block puzzle game. You move the cute Mimi to push boxes so she can jump on it to reach her scratcher (one of those rope things that cats use to sharpen their claws–hopefully instead of your furniture), or push a box to allow Mimi to reach a new area where her scratcher is.

Sokoban-like rules say you can only push boxes, but after 12 levels another element is added when you find that one box can be pushed under another, raising it to allow Mimi to get higher. Later on you get immovable crates and you can jump gaps and carry boxes to other parts of a board if boxes are made into steps… This feature obviously opens up bigger levels with more possibilities, and a lot more head-scratching. 

There are an impressive 55 levels that increase in difficulty with a decent curve, but frankly by the time we'd got to level 38 (unlocking all the achievements by level 21 for some reason) I'd had my fill of Mimi for a while, mainly due to the repetitive nature of the gameplay-but I will go back. The inability to rotate the camera is also an obvious weakness when figuring out the required path. If you're a puzzle game fan then the game won’t last you long, but for the price (Xbox: £4.19, PlayStation: £3.99 and now also available on Nintendo Switch for £4.49) you are definitely getting your money's worth.

Many thanks to Afilgames for the review key.