The Ascent Cybersec Pack


Need a helping hand in The Ascent?


The Ascent is a solo or co-op action-looter-twin-stick-shooter RPG set in a cyberpunk world viewed from an elevated camera, popular with fantasy RPGs.

New weapons and armour DLC for players of The Ascent
From top left clockwise: The Boomblock armour set, the Recoil Ballistic Burst Rifle, the NEWT MGL Grenade Launcher and the GR00P Cluster Grenade.

The first DLC for it, the Cybersec Pack is priced at £3.99/£3.59 with Game Pass and features 2 new weapons (the NEWT MGL Grenade Launcher & the Recoil Ballistic Burst Rifle), 1 new tactical (the GR00P Cluster Grenade) 4 new pieces of armour (the Boomblock set, which is some of the best overall in the game), and 4 new animated weapons skins to make your favourite weapons look swanky. The weapons are okay but there are considerably better available as you progress through the game normally, so whether you feel you need to buy them to get a bit of a helping hand early in the game is going to be a very subjective choice. 

Thanks to Neon Giant, Curve Digital and PressEngine.