The Last Cube


Some of the most devilish puzzle design I've ever seen–yet they're always doable, always solvable. 


Simply put, The Last Cube is one of the cleverest puzzle games I've ever played. If you like puzzle games that really, really make you think, buy it. There–now the rest of this review is just fluff. 

If rolling a cube around various square tile and cube-based environments sounds boring, then you're wrong. These levels are so darned tricky to navigate that you'll be scratching your head (or some body part) for sure. 

The levels can be quite large, with spectacular backdrops.

Basically, the gameplay is simple: the cube can be stamped with a symbol, which can be used to trigger switches, elevators and lasers. Different symbols also give the cube different abilities, like being able to rotate, build stairs downwards, zip quickly a few squares (to avoid hazardous obstacles), clone itself and teleport. A cube has six facets so it's possible to stamp the cube with six different abilities, or stamp all six with the same one. The symbol can also be transferred to other cubes, some will be under your control and some not. It’s a simple basic gameplay mechanic that opens up some of the most devilish puzzle design I've ever seen–yet they're always doable, always solvable. 

This level has cube drones hovering around it.

I've sat trying different moves on a level for an hour or more totally baffled as to how you're supposed to navigate it, and then BAM! –the penny finally drops, and it's off to the next level. If taking that long to figure out a solution is not your thing, then maybe The Last Cube isn't for you, because the solution is rarely immediately apparent, and neither is the path you need to take. 

There  are autonomous cubes that can help or hinder your progress.

One thing I didn't like was that unlocking new levels may involve figuring out how to leave the previous level with the Cube stamped with the required symbol. This means you may have to go back and replay a level again, just to be able to continue. 

You an zoom the camera in to get a better view of the puzzle.

The Last Cube is only £14.99 on the Xbox store which represents decent value as it's addictive and is gonna take you hours and hours to complete, with additional challenges (such as limited turns or a time limit) to go back and try as well. It's a game you can dip in and out of, and it kept drawing me back–and not many games have done that of late.

Thanks to Improx Games and Plan of Attack for the review code.