TSW2: DB G6 Diesel Shunter


If you like pushing things around and sorting things out, this is the DLC for you.


First produced in 2008 by Vossioh, the G6 is a diesel-hydraulic shunter, that while relatively compact has 900 horsepower, which makes it ideal for smaller freight yards with tight turns. The G6 is also capable of 80kmh, which means it's also suitable for main line work on the Rhein-Ruhr Osten route. 

The first thing that struck me about the G6 is how easy it is to operate, despite looking more modern than any of the other shunters in TSW2. The second thing is its grey and green livery, it's not red! 

Although the cab isn't dead centre, the visibility is pretty good, although the 'long hood' end is a bit obscured by the engine compartment (well duh). The cab is designed to be driven in both directions, so it has two sets of controls and a driver's seat facing front and rear. It also has a very handy view–like you're riding on the front or rear platform–if you hold R3 and press left on the D-pad twice. This is particularly handy when coupling/ uncoupling to/from rakes of railcars. 

Two G6 shunters pull a broken-down locomotive and its train in snowy weather

The DB G6 is a diesel-powered shunter, so it has a very different sound from most other German locos, which, to be honest, makes for a welcome change. It also has a wonderful 2-tone horn that actually sustains long enough that the sounds overlap each other, just like the real thing! Developer Trainsim Germany having access to the real thing really paid off here. 

The Rhein-Ruhr Osten route is the G6's home, so you're going to need to own that to run it. With its own tutorial, 5 scenarios and 19 Timetable services, the G6 has plenty to do, and will keep shunting/switching fans busy for some time. It has a varied selection of jobs to do, from sorting rakes of trucks to rescuing defective locomotives. One of the Journeys is called Free Roam Hagen, and literally allows you to push and pull whichever railcars you can find around the massive  Hagen freight yard. I'm told it's also likely to be used on future German routes as well. At Dovetail's standard locomotive price of £11.99 (£10.79 with Game Pass) the DB G6 would appear to be a must buy no-brainer for shunting fans. 

Thanks to: Dovetail Games,TrainSim-Germany and Lick PR