TSW4: Cargo Line Vol. 2 - Aggregates


Here comes a Freight-ful DLC for Train Sim World 4


This British freight DLC includes the Class 66 and its HOA Hoppers, which can be used in scenarios on Midland Mainline, Great Western Express and Southeastern Highspeed. These massive wagons look amazing and come in VTG and graffitied variants.

The Cargo Line Vol. 2 - Aggregates scenarios vary from straightforward journeys, to tasks that include loading, cutting consists and unloading and/or shunting.

There are a hardcore of aficionados out there criticising the way TSW's locomotives sound. I appreciate the difficulty in recording most locomotive's engine sounds and think most are really good, and I'll include the Class 66 in that bracket. The HOA Hoppers may not have engines, but sound way too smooth and quiet to me. I think they should rumble and roar more when full and rattle and squeal more when empty. Other than the sound, it's difficult to fault the modelling on these massive wagons.

If you're not content with the included scenarios or the look of the hoppers you can also use the HOA Hoppers in Scenario Planner and the Livery Designer, but sadly not with the Formation Editor beta yet.

Developed by Skyhook Games, Cargo Line Vol. 2 - Aggregates won't  exactly change your TSW4 life but is a bit of a "game changer" because it adds an important freight aspect to three routes that previously featured nothing but or mainly passenger traffic.

Price £9.99 (£8.99 with Game Pass)

Thanks to Dovetail Games and Lick PR