Best phone mounts for Xbox One controllers


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Microsoft’s most awaited endeavour, Project xCloud will pave the way for mobile Xbox gaming to allow gamers to have their games on-the-go. As such, it would be great to have a modern Xbox One controller that packs a dedicated phone mount and integrated Bluetooth support - handy whether it’s for the looming Project xCloud or mobile gaming.

The Jovitec Foldable Clip for the Xbox One Controller is the best phone mount to buy if you want a reliable product at an affordable price, which will leave you enough money to take advantage of the Virgin Games Promo Code 2019 while giving you excellent performance. Here’s an in-depth review.

The Jovitec Foldable Controller Clip for Xbox One

To convert your current Xbox One Controller into a portable gaming station, you’ll need a high-quality phone clip such as the Jovitec Foldable Clip. This affordable phone mount uses a clip-on design to attach or detach from your gamepad. It has an adjustable slider to maintain a firm phone grip.

Design and features

While it’s made of plastic, this black mount pushes the bare essentials to give you a firm wrap-around clamp with a sturdy grip on the controller. Its accompanying spring-actuated slider suits all phone sizes, and has double rubberised pads for extra security.

The clip delivers a surprisingly modern build quality at its price range, including an innovative pliant hinge system to support the weight of heavy devices. The only flaw that most people will note is disappointing hinge range of adjustment that limits the screen angles beyond the normal 45-degree deployment.


The Jovitec Foldable Clip accommodates a huge lineup of phones thanks to its adjustable slider system. It starts at 2-inches when closed, but it supports any device with horizontal measurements reaching up to 3.5 inches. That includes most Phablets on the market today.

While Android gamers can take advantage of Bluetooth controller compatibility, this phone mount is among the first controller clips that support IOS devices. Here’s what we like about this clip as well as the turn-offs.


  • Affordable & durable
  • Compatible with most phones
  • Robust build quality
  • Easy to setup


  • The hinge angle is limited

Bottom line

With Xbox One Controllers gaining traction in the mobile gaming market, it’s undeniable that there’s a limited selection of dedicated mounts. However, the long-awaited Project xCloud paves the way for mobile gaming and makes accessories like the Jovitec Foldable Clip an essential tool for a great mobile gaming experience. It saves you lots of money by allowing you to use your current Xbox gaming pad, making it a stellar choice for the future of cloud gaming.