End of the console war


PlayStation and the Xbox have been closely rivalled for at least twenty years, however this war now seems to be over. With the PlayStation 5, Sony is betting on the familiar console under the TV. Microsoft, on the other hand opts for a different route. With the Xbox Series X they focus on the “Game Pass” which can also be used for gaming on the PC and Android phone.

The question remains: Which console was the best? Shopping platform has, therefore visualised all consoles and compared facts, such as hardware, memory, (real) power consumption and sales figures.

Comparison table of Xbox and PlayStation consoles over the years.
[Image credit: Robin Knol at]

The two platforms in their various guises have featured many "must have" titles, both platform exclusives and multiformat titles. The Ridge Racers, Halos, Final Fantasies, Resident Evils, Project Gothams, Gran Turismos, Medal of Honors, Devil May Crys, Battlefields, Metal Gears, Uncharteds, Gears of Wars, Forzas, Tomb Raiders, Grand Theft Autos have all had huge parts to play in the individual and joint successes of the two rivals, several of which are set to return on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Despite the likelihood that there will be sequels to all of the above, we know for a fact that there are a plethora of original titles to come on these powerful new consoles, and we can't wait.