Watch the new trailer for GTA's Cayo Perico heist

[Source: Rockstar]

On December 15th Video game phenomenon Grand Theft Auto V Online will finally receive its long-awaited, frequently-rumoured, much-speculated upon update. This will be different to all past updates as it features an all-new tropical island location, Cayo Perico, the heavily-guarded home base of El Rubio, a notorious drug dealer.

As with the previous Diamond Casino heist you must choose your tools, your approach and your crew—but unlike previous heists this time you can even go it entirely alone, sneaking into the druglord's heavily-guarded compound and eliminating any henchmen that get in your way... The objective being to make it back to Los Santos alive with valuable evidence along with as much loot as you can carry.

Expect the much-maligned and overworked Rockstar servers to be working extra hard on the 15th.