How to get the best from your Nintendo Switch


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The Nintendo Switch is a good choice of console, whether you’re an experienced gamer or looking for your first console. Its abundance of classic franchises and characters means it has already provided many great games, with more – like Shield and Pokemon Sword – still to come. It also offers two controllers for multiplayer games straight out of the box. However, unlike the slots sites comparator video gaming can be an expensive hobby. Consoles aren’t exactly cheap, and that’s before you consider what you may spend on games and accessories. The good news is that the latest addition to the Switch family of consoles, the Nintendo Switch Lite, makes a desirable proposition – giving access to a great lineup of games at a lower price.Players can also keep an eye out for bargains as we approach the annual Black Friday sales. Below is a guide of how you can get yourself the best Nintendo Switch this season.

1. Set up notifications

It may not be too obvious, but for those on Twitter, it comes in handy in your deal-hunting to receive news on Nintendo Switch deals from trustworthy Twitter accounts. In other words, this means every time TechRadar tweets a sale, you’ll get a notification.

To set up notifications, head to @TRDeals from your mobile device, follow and then click the “bell’’ icon next to the “Following’’ button.

Players can also use Google Alerts, which allows you to identify what you want to be notified about – such as ‘Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals’ – which will mean they send you an email when anything related appears online.

2. Go digital

Nintendo may fall behind Sony and Microsoft when it comes to online presence, but they provide plenty of discounts on digital games.

When a game is on your Wish List, you’ll get a notification when it’s on sale. Just ensure you have enough space on your SD Card.

3. Know where (and when) to look

In recent years Black Friday has become more popular, and retailers love getting involved. In the US, big companies, including Walmart and Best Buy have provided discounts on the Switch and the other consoles during past Cyber Monday/Black Friday periods.

Amazon is the largest of all, and for a good reason. The retailer’s "Lightning Deals" have moved from stock-clearing exercises to bona fide sales. From Amazon’s home page, you can navigate to the ‘’today’s deals’’ section for a survey – these will be regularly changing throughout Black Friday.

Remember, the company’s Prime membership provides free shipping and also early access to the Lightning Deals. Given that they are subject to stock and also time-sensitive, it’s of great importance to pick up a month’s trial – or maybe even paying for a month – so you can get the jump on non-Prime members. However, you’re unlikely to see any Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals appear on Amazon’s Lightning Deals section – if the console is to get a slash in price, it’ll be outside this area.

In the past however, we’ve seen that any Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal sells out quickly, so if you’re planning a purchase this year be ready to click! Moreover, it’s not just Black Friday these days – apart from the following Monday being branded Cyber Monday – most retailers jump the gun significantly to get clients involved. That means it’s worth searching the retailers as mentioned earlier from the start of November – you never know what you may find!