Mario Golf: Super Rush is coming to the Switch later this year


The Switch has had a golfball-shaped hole in its library since launch, and the inexcusable lack of a Wii Sports reboot (don't talk to me about Sports Party) has been sorely missed even while other party games thrive on the system.

Well, worry not fellow golfers, Mario & co are ready to solve that for us 2021.

It seems to include pretty much everything you'd expect from Mario's sixth round, plus a story mode I'm praying is better than the snoozefest they served up in Tennis Aces, and a 'Speed Golf' battle royale that is going to ruin plenty of friendships.

The game won't be with us until June 25th, but fortunately - due to the global time vortex we're all stuck in - that'll be here sooner than you think.