The crap name committee returns with Project Triangle Strategy


They really don't care do they? First, there was (working title) 'Project Octopath Traveller' - later shortened to merely 'Octopath Traveller', released without irony or apology, and we just had to put up with it.

Now it's 2021 and Square-Enix is back with 'Project Triangle Strategy', achieving what I didn't even think was possible by coming up with an even more absurdly dull title than last time. Absolutely no prizes for guessing what this ends up being called at release.

That said, Octopath is still one of my favourite Switch games, and I'm willing to bet this will be too. More 2D/3D eye-candy, more contrived, classic RPG mechanics and what already appears to be another cracking soundtrack. It'll be out in 2022, is a Switch exclusive, and you can download a free demo today from the Nintendo eShop.