PS5 backwards compatibility only goes so far


In one of 2020's least surprising developments, it's being reported that PS5 backwards compatibility won't include games from the pre-PS4 era. What kind of hallucinogen you'd have to be on to still be expecting such a feature, we ain't quite sure, but Ubisoft appeared to confirm it in a (now removed) post on their support site.

Sony had previously said - with disarming confidence - that they're hoping to support the overwhelming majority of PS4 4,000+ titles, but are yet to offer any details on which one of my personal favourites they're planning to exclude.

This news won't come as much of a surprise to anyone, especially given the PS3's reputation for being tough to develop for, and seems to compound the theory that Sony are leaning more & more heavily on PlayStation Now as the vehicle for our trips down memory lane.

Source: Eurogamer.